Organization Web Sites

JMT Services LLC came into existance to fill the need for an organizational web site to help with the day to day operations of a large youth atheltic organization. Since then we have created web sites for multiple types of organizations.

Youth Atheltic Associations and Youth Sport Clubs use these web sites to share information with their families such as schedules, rules, meeting agendas and other othermation. Many of these clubs also use Online Registration to make it easy for parents to register their children for sports.

Non-Profit Organizations use the web sites to promote their cause. Typically the site woudl include information about the organization, what it is supporting and how people can participate. These associations also use Online Registration as a way for people to join and/or renew their memberships.

Home Owner Associations can use one of our web sites with our Portal application to manage and share the documents that make HOAs run such as meeting agendas, financial statements as well as information about the community.