About JMT Services LLC

JMT Services LLC is a Limited Liability Company formed by Jeff Thiel in 2000. Back then Jeff and his daughter were voluntarily supporting a web site for a major trail association in northern Minnesota. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a business as the demand for web sites was very high.

Due to his involvement with youth sports he was able to identify the need for low cost web sites supporting non-profit youth athletic associations. Over time he developed web based applications that allowed associations to register kids for sports online.

Through referrals the business grew to include commercial web sites ranging summer sport camps, resorts, healthcare staffing, remodeling and construction and others.

Over time the business has evolved. While a hallmark of the business has always been flexibility that is now more important than ever. There are multiple platforms that advertise that anyone can build a web site. While that is true, the definition of "web site" is very subjective. Plus there is more to having a web presence than just building a web site. Things like domain registration, domain renewals, backups, security and software upgrades are all necessary but often overlooked. With JMT Services you can do as much or as little as you want.

Recently, JMT Services added new consulting services for IT Operations Optimization and IBM Netcool Impact development. These are skills and methodologies that Jeff used in his professional IT career. Now that he has retired from his corporate job he is free to share those skills and experience.

Our Team

Our company founder and primary consultant is Jeff Thiel. With 45 years if IT experience across multiple disciplines, Jeff had the opportunity to experience and develop skills in many areas including:

  • Computer operations including staffing, training and optimizing.
  • Mainframe systems programming
  • Unix System Administration
  • IT Technical Management of System Administrators, Database Administrators, Network technicians and others.
  • Business Operations working closely with finance and sales.
  • IT Optimization - Both for cost reduction and quality improvements.
  • Enterprise Monitoring as a manager and Architect
  • Jeff retired from his corporate position in April of 2020 to pursue other aspects of life. He is an avid pheasant hunter in the fall. Summers will find him either in a fishing boat or building something around the house. But he still has a love for IT. Developing software solutions, mentoring new leaders, optimizing operations are all still of great interest.

    In addition to Jeff, other retired and current IT people are utilized when there is a need. As a former manager and director, Jeff has connections to many talented IT people. If Jeff doesn't know something he probably knows someone who does.